Rock Light XL 4 Piece Kit - 24 LED RGBW

Brand: flashtech
Product Code: FTRLXL-RGBW
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Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
Price: $349.00 Ex Tax: $349.00

Flashtech's XL Rock Light Kit utilizes 24 high-powered LED's mounted in an aircraft-grade aluminum enclosure to create the brightest and most rugged off-road lighting system ever created. Flashtech RGBW Colorfuse technology allows you to choose from multiple different colors and effects all from the push of a button. The new RGBW XL Rock Light not only produces the entire color spectrum from 18 total RGB LED's but also produces pure white with the addition of 6 solid white LEDS. This combination allows the best of both worlds with amazing visibility as well as all of the show stopping affects you expect from Flashtech's entire rock light series. Flashtech’s XL Rock Light Kit will allow you to see and your vehicle to be seen no matter what trail you choose.


Package contents:   

  • 4  24 LED RGBW Led XL Rock Lights
  • 1 waterproof 4 to 1 RGBW Splitter
  • 1 Bluetooth wireless RGBW remote system with APP
  • 1 RGBW wireless remote
  • 1 Package of mounting Hardware

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