Flashtech Waterproof LED Strip Lighting - Cool White Flexible Strip

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flashtech Flashtech Waterproof LED Strip Lighting - Cool White Flexible Strip FTLED-CWROLL

Flashtech Waterproof Flexible LED Strip Lights are commercial-grade rope lights designed for interior and exterior home and business use in situations with higher traffic and more rugged conditions. Boaters find these waterproof LED lights perfect for subtle onboard deck lighting, and yachters love waterproof led ribbons for adding light to their kitchens or sleeping quarters. Automotive experts use it for brighter, more efficient footwell illumination, in the glove box, under the chassis, or even under the hood.  Flashtech Waterproof LED Light Strips are also sold by the foot so you can order the exact length you need.

Waterproof LED Light strips are also ideal for:

  • Restaurants, lounges, homes and retail stores
  • Aquarium, pool, fountain, and garden lighting
  • Lighting art and wine cellars (no UV emissions)
  • Outdoor tent lighting
  • Kitchen, bathroom, and under cabinet lighting
  • Garage, basement, deck, and patio lighting
  • Automotive accent lighting for RV's and cars
  • Interior and Exterior marine lighting


Installation of Flashtech strip lighting is easy: simply attach it where you wish with supplied double-sided tape, glue, or with Flashtech strip mounting clips.  These strips can be cut on flashtech propriatary cut lines positioned after ever three led's.  Just solidier on new wiring and you can use an entire roll for many different applications!

These strips are energy-efficient and use only 1.44 watts of energy per foot. This translates to a $6 per foot operating cost, and that's if they are left on all year! That means that this Flashtech flexible waterproof strip lighting will pay for itself within one year.

*LED strip lighting is powered by 12v DC current. In order to use for home or bsiness use am ac to dc power inverter will need to be used


1 - 5 meter roll (approximatly 17 feet)

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