Flashtech Flex - Dual Color 16 inch LED strip Flexible Strip

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Product Code: FTFS35-16SB
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flashtech Flashtech Flex - Dual Color 16 inch LED strip Pre Made Kits FTFS35-16SB


Flashtech Flex LED Strips are semi-flexible SMD LED strips. The high density of 3528-size LEDs makes these strips appear as a solid bar of light when turned on, with extremely high brightness.  Flashtech FLEX  technology accomedates bends around corners, but still maintains rigity, for easy mounting.  Flashtech proprietary external LED drivers ensures relibabilty and for mounting in even the smallest fo areas.

  • 1 piece
  • 16" long
  • Dual Color White and Amber 
  • Flashing pattern: AO (Amber-off-amber-off when using as turn signal
  • For inside the headlight as daytime running light and turn signal light
  • External drivers can be mounted outside of the headlight to ensure servicing without reopening the light
  • Since opening headlight is required to install this product, professional installation is recommended


All dual-color Flashtech flex strips have 5 feet of wires attached, with two positive and one negative. The red wire is positive white, yellow is positive amber, and black is ground. An inline switchback module controls the dual color function. When amber is triggered, the white will turn off, and stay off while amber is blinking. This is ideal for turn signal indicators.

Sold in individual 16 inch strips for customization

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