Flashtech adjustable 12v voltage Regulator Single Color

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flashtech Flashtech adjustable 12v voltage Regulator Single Color FTRGB-VR

Flashtech has developed the newest lighting control device on the market.  In order to develop the greatest lighting technology, starting with a solid power source is always the most crucial step.  In todays vehicles, power from the battery or 12 v source through out the car can be unreliable and cause premature wear of lighting and other electrical items.  With a rock solid power source this allows flashtech to design different lighting at selected power levels to maximize light output while minimizing heat and other negative influences.


This regulator is adjustable and via a screw on the back can adjust the in put voltage to under 9v.  In addition to sending a rock solid voltage to your eletrical components adjusting the voltage down also allows you to dim your lighting needs.  Perfect for the enthusiats with after market batteries and alternators and wants to find a way to send a constant 12v (or lower) dc voltage to their other eletrical needs!



1 - Regulator

1 - Pin terminal wiring


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