Flashtech 880, 881, 893 13 SMD Led FOG Light bulb SMD

Brand: flashtech
Product Code: FT880-13W
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flashtech Flashtech 880, 881, 893 13 SMD Led FOG Light bulb SMD FT880-18W

Flashtech 880, 881 893 LED Bulb with 13 SMDs per Bulb.

These bulbs can be used in the following applications - any 3 digit bulb size that begins with an 8

Commonly used in FOG Lights and HIGH Beam and day time running lights.
Package Content - 2 (Two) SMD Bulb.

The FLASHTECH line of SMD replacement bulbs features an unsurpassed level of brightness and quality. This bulb utilizes 5050 SMD technology which produces vibrant light with sharp hues while consuming only 1/10th of the power of the factory bulb.

These 5050 SMD chips are rated at 100,000 hours for continuous use.
These bulbs are not intended to be used in LOW BEAM applications.  These are used for athestic purposes only and are a great match for HID lights

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