Flashtech single beam HID harness Wiring Harness

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flashtech Flashtech single beam HID harness Harness FTHIDHAR-SINGLE

Are you having problems with your HID kit? Flashtech wiring relay harness is used for vehicles with poor battery, alternator, or heavy draw on power from stereo's or any low voltage issues. This wiring allows you to get power from the battery directly instead of the connector for the headlight bulb.

The HID Relay Kit has also been known to help the following problems:

  • Worn out wiring system and car computers which may not let power flow
  • One light out in cold weather and where trouble is experienced with Auto-on systems.
  • Lights not turning when connecting your HID kit, found on many GMC/Chevy/Saturn vehicles and others
  • If you have daytime running lamps on your vehicle (required for all vehicles in Canada), you will need to use our relay harness to supply the HID kit with a full 12 volts oppose to the 6 volts the vehicle supplies when the daytime running lamps are engaged.



1. Connect to Left Ballast input

2. Connect to Right Ballast input

NOTE: 1 & 2 may be reversed depending on where your battery is and how long the
connector cable legs are.

3. Connect to the Positive + side of your battery.

4. Connect to the Negative - side of your battery.

Note: the negative power leg may also be connected to a solid chassis ground.

5. Connect to your car's stock headlight power cable.

Note: This connection can be to either the right or left headlight power connector, some harness's will come with pins and not a plug

The other headlight connector is no longer used and should be covered in electrical tape or other material to protect the connector ends from the environment.

How it works:

The Headlight power connector (5) powers the relay (6) which provides power
directly from the battery (3 & 4) through a fuse (7) to the HID ballasts (1 & 2).


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