Flashtech Premiere Bixenon HID Bulbs 9007

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Product Code: FT-BX-HID
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flashtech Flashtech Premiere Bixenon HID Bulbs 9007 FT-BX-HID

In contrast to standard (halogen based)light bulbs, High Intensity Discharge light bulbs do not use filaments at all. Instead, Xenon lighting is created by igniting a capsule of sealed Xenon gas with an "arc" of electricity between two electrodes. The result is a 300% brighter light bulb, but one that is NOT CAPABLE of dual beam function. In order for  dual beam HID bulbs to produce a high and low beam, the HID bulb must move, or incorporate other refractory innovations into the design.

Our  Bi-Xenon product uses design improvements that shrink the size of previous H4 Dual beam HID bulbs.  Our dual beam HID bulb design requires no permanent modification to your vehicle, and plug-in wiring allows for easy removal for future use.

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