Flashtech 12 Volt Hid Ballast HID Ballasts

Brand: flashtech
Product Code: FTHID-12V
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flashtech Flashtech 12 Volt Hid Ballast HID Ballasts FTHID-12V

Flashtech 12v digital ballast is a a true AC current ballast.  Unlike many other cheaper ballast that are only dc, the Flashtech digital ballast converts the dc input voltage to a much more stable ac voltage.  Every factory vehicle uses an AC ballast similiar to this design.

1)Input voltage range: 9 - 18V
2)Output power: 35W
3)Rated voltage: 13.5V
4)Max. Start voltage: 23kV
5)Input current: 3.2A
6)Instant ignition voltage: 23000V~25000V
7)Ballast lifespan: 3000 hours

Flashtech one year Warranty

Ballast are sold individually


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