Flashtech fusion RGB Universal footwell lighting Kit Specials

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flashtech Flashtech fusion RGB Universal footwell lighting Kit Pre Made Kits FTRGB-FTWELL

Flashtech Fusion RGB Footwell Lighting is the perfect way to customize the interior of your car.  These stand alone units allow you to illuminate your vehicle without having to modify any of your factory lighting.  One set of stips allows you to either choose red, blue, or green light or pait it with a FLashtech RGB controller and choose any color you wish!  Hook directly to 12v DC to get the desired effect!

Installation of Flashtech strip lighting is easy: simply attach it where you wish with supplied double-sided tape, glue, or with Flashtech strip mounting clips.  These strips can be cut on flashtech propriatary cut lines positioned after ever three led's.  Just solidier on new wiring and you can use an entire roll for many different applications!


2 -  15 inch waterproof led strips with one foot of RGB wire

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