50 watt 8 ohm load resistor Resistor Harness

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flashtech 50 watt 8 ohm load resistor LED FTC21-50W


This page features one 8 Ohm 50W LED Load Resistor for LED Turn Signal Light Fix, LED License Plate Lights Error Fix
, Or fix issues associated with HID kits on some vehicles

These 8 Ohm, 50 Watt LED load resistors will work on any vehicle and can be connected across the turn signal bulbs or License Plate Lights to simulate the load of a regular filament bulb (2 Amp load). This will solve LED related turn signal lights or license plate light problems such as hyper flashing, no flashing or burnt out bulb indications. One LED resistor is required for each turn signal bulb or each license plate light bulb.

These Load resistors can also be used to fix similiar problems for HID kits. They can be used to simulate a bulb in situations where one side of a socket is not used or used to fix a low wattage issues associated with HID kits on some vehicles.

Connection Instructions

Connect one wire to ground and the other wire to the turn/brake wire. You can use the T taps so you do not have to cut your car's wiring. One Load Resistor is required for each turn signal bulb. For more detail, please check

Note: LED Load Resistor will get hot, therefore, please don't mount the LED load resistors on plastic.


2 -  8 Ohm, 50W LED Load Resistor.

4  -    wiring connectors

tion guide for LED load

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